This is an overlay mosaic pattern worked in US terminology.

As it is my first pattern I have only designed 6 panels. You can repeat these panels however you want to and make it as wide or as long as you please (I have given additional sizes). You will need to know the basics of mosaic crochet but there are tons of videos for beginners on You Tube.

The pattern, Nadine, has been named after my courageous mother whom we are so fortunate to have with us at the young age of 82. 

Mosaic crochet is a dense crochet, no “holes” so is ideal for blankets, rugs, runners, cushions, etc.

It is worked with two colours of yarn, a main colour and a contrast colour. I love working with a plain main colour and a print contrast.

There will be loads of ends, which are either made into a twisted fringe or you can finish off and enclose all the ends in an envelope border.

I hope you have as much fun making this blanket as I did.